Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Immigration to another country is a life changing decision. It’s important to get good results – The First Time! At REDLEAF you’ll find Immigration Consultants who:

  • Are ethical, open and honest with every client.
  • Are qualified to interpret immigration laws and policy and advise you.
  • Are experienced and competent to be able to communicate with the relevant immigration department, embassy and visa officers on your behalf.
  • Are frank and honest about your prospects of success even before you retain our services.


Visa Counselling

Visa procession is something that daunts many candidates; lack of information is among the main reason due to which a lot of visas get cancelled despite of the admission process being successful. REDLEAF counselors and case filling officers have years of experience and extensive liaison in visa process, each student is guided personally by our counselors for a hassle free visa procurement. We provide assistance on documentation, filling up the application forms, preparing financial statements, training and interview simulation through mocks. Our service also includes coordination with visa office in the entire process on the applicant’s behalf. REDLEAF success rate in visa procurement is highest among all, as our team is regularly intimated by the latest visa rules and documentation processes.


"REDLEAF is known for its convenient and complete migration solution for study visa, visitor visa, open work permit."